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Rev. James Butler, Director
803 Vallejo Way
Sacramento CA 95818.


In July 2005, the Rev. James B. Butler was selected to fill the position of Executive Director of the California Council on Alcohol Problems (CalCAP), and affiliated associations, Alcohol-Narcotic Education Foundation (ANEF), and the California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion (CCAGE). These Sacramento-based organizations are statewide, faith-based groups that address the California Legislature and raise public awareness. They use research, education, advocacy, and lobbying to help prevent the moral, economic, scientific and social problems caused by alcohol, other drugs, and gambling.

Rev. Butler, a United Methodist Minister of 37 years, has served churches in the Southern California communities of Fullerton, Santa Barbara, Sun Valley, Santa Paula and Lompoc. He has also been actively involved in various community organizations such as a Member and President of various Ministerial Associations, Chaplain of a Volunteer Fire Department, Member and President of a local Housing Authority and Member and President of a United Way Chapter.

CCAGE continues to take an active and leading role in addressing the problems of gambling in general and the unfettered expansion throughout California, utilizing both the legislative process and the legal system. Consequently, Rev. Butler has provided testimony before the California Senate and the Assembly.

Rev. Butler has also provided information on the issues and concerns of these organizations in written articles, on radio and television, as well as speaking at the annual meeting of the American Council on Alcohol Problems, and numerous churches and community organizations.